Building For Our Future

Our past legacy

The Wonder of Woodmont

For 75 years, Woodmont has been a beacon and a bridge in this community. Our Mission Statement of Seeking God, Sharing Love and Serving Others has always been the core value we embrace. Those values have been lived by Woodmonters from the original meeting of the founders in a small classroom in 1943 to today’s worship where over 800 come each Sunday to seek, share and love. Every day of the week hundreds carry out the ministry of the church both on campus and throughout the community.

Woodmont’s growth to reach ever more lives

After that first gathering of Woodmonters in July of 1943, they purchased the Stone residence (our current church offices) in September. In July of 1945 an additional acre of land was purchased for the sanctuary. Sanctuary construction started in November of 1947. In 1958 the “gap building” (current home of the preschool, was added. South Hall was purchased in 1959. Drowota Hall was completed in 1986. Campbell West was purchased in 1989. 2002 saw the completion of an addition that created the gathering hall, boardroom and classrooms for the children and youth. As we look back on these projects, we can see that having adequate space has enabled new and larger programs that allow more lives to come closer to Christ and one another.

Why this capital campaign?

This is the result of over several years of visioning and strategic planning by the church’s leadership.  We have significant support from lead donors and longtime members. We have experienced tremendous growth at Woodmont in recent years which has resulted in some “good problems.” This is the time to do it.

Our future legacy

Planning leading to this recommendation

For several years Woodmont leadership has been seeking God’s direction for the congregation. In 2011 a survey went to the entire congregation. From the results we found that the three most important ministries to our congregation are worship, children’s and youth ministries, and outreach. A Master Plan Committee presented their recommendations to a congregational breakfast in 2014. The plan called for proceeding with a renovation of our Preschool and moving ahead with planning for an addition to the south for a multi-use chapel and additional space for our children’s classrooms. The board approved hiring of Centric Architects and formed a committee to work with them to develop plans. Those plans have been priced and are the core of this proposed addition. In addition, South Hall will be upgraded to better accommodate current and future outreach ministries.

The multi-use chapel creates another sacred space for worship, smaller weddings, funerals, speakers and other events. The movable chairs and architectural design create a space that can be configured and used in many ways.

The upper and lower level corridors are connected by a stair that encourages member connections. It looks out a glass wall to the outdoor chapel.

Providing five new children’s classrooms and a large commons area, the children’s area is designed to create a sense of light and community.